Real Time Optimization

Using ListFit?

RTO is the perfect add-on for ListFit users. The data collection and processing engine that powers ListFit and STO is now real-time. The best news? The more you use our products together, the smarter you’ll get about your audience. Powerful list analysis & segmentation paired with real-time signals actually fulfills that promise of right message, right person, right time we’ve dreamed about for years.

Real Time Signals, Big Time Results

Connecting to RTO is like plugging into an inbox radar. We detect and relay engagement signals from over 500 million unique email addresses, so you’ll know when the subscribers on your list are actively checking email – anywhere, any time.

The Power of Real Time Optimization

We’ve seen first hand how send-time optimization can help boost email program performance. Knowing when subscribers typically open and interact with email takes the guesswork out of campaign deployment and lets you focus on content, offers, and conversions. For most large consumer senders, it’s a table stakes tool in the marketing stack.

Real Time Optimization takes the core idea behind STO – maximize engagement by sending at the best time – to new levels of speed and precision. With RTO, we track and process events from the inbox, then relay them to “listeners” (you!) in real time. Simply put, we know when your subscribers are checking their email, and we tell you it’s happening in real time.

Using ListFit?

RTO is the perfect add-on for ListFit users as it taps into the exact same data pool. The more you use either product, the smarter both products get. It’s like you’re fighting a two front-war (and winning) without having to divert any attention or resources from either front.

RTO use cases

Get the power of realtime signals in your email program

Marketers can leverage RTO to turbocharge critical aspects of their program already in motion.

  • Reactivation of stale or lagging addresses
  • Smarter, faster Send Time Optimizations
  • Engage sales or conversion leads at the perfect moment
  • Omni-channel triggering

Flexible utilization of RTO webhooks  allows RTO customers to:

  • Inject a contact directly into a journey or marketing automation
  • Call an API endpoint
  • Integrate with a third party system to trigger new actions

Get Integrated!

RTO comes equipped with native integrations into SalesForce Marketing Cloud, Green Arrow, and NetCore.

 Have an interesting use-case or integration suggestion? Let us know!

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