About AudiencePoint

Ready to increase deliverability, open, click-thru and conversion rates by knowing when to send emails to each one of your subscribers?

Engagement is the currency of email marketing.

AudiencePoint data is one of the world’s largest email-only data pools, containing over 451 million privacy-compliant email address profiles. We’ve helped some of the most respected brands in the world increase engagement and drive better results through our industry-leading tools and services. Our powerful, easy to implement insights engine provides rich subscriber-level metrics, based on actual engagement with emails in their inbox. We work with many of the largest ESPs to help your list perform better.

“On the project that we used ListFit for, we suppressed the dormant Gmail addresses and saw dramatic improvement in our Inbox placement! Our team is glad to have made an impact with your tool – so thank you!”

– Email Marketing Manager from a Major Insurance Provider

What we do

Subscriber Insights

Your subscribers get messaging from lots of brands. We help you access historic engagement patterns, trends, preferences and more – all data you can use in planning the whens, whats and hows of your email strategy.

Send time optimization

No more guessing “when’s the best time to send this email?” It’s different for everyone. That’s why we created a tool to help you address each and every one of your subscribers when they’re more likely to engage.
AudiencePoint is trusted by the world’s biggest senders and respected global brands

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