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Dell was interested in Send Time Optimization and piloted with AudiencePoint.

Here were two major challenges:

  • Short window to optimize…10 hours
  • Lots of data…5.5 million recipients, averaging 130 data points each


AudiencePoint partnered with eBay Enterprise to provide the business intelligence and eBay Enterprise handled the delivery. AudiencePoint pulled existing historical data that resides in the Email Service Provider and applies a proprietary algorithm to determine the best time an email.  AudiencePoint is unique in that it leverages existing data and aggregated data to triangulate and profile the best time to send a message to each individual in a marketing campaign.


  • Increase in unique opens by 6.6 percentage points
  • Increase in unique clicks by 8.2 percentage points

There was a clear lift with individualized send-time. As a result, this test won the gold ribbon for Timing Tests in WhichTestWon’s 2013 Email & Mobile Testing Awards.

“This test is ‘genius’ in its construction. The team hypothesized that by sending emails to individual customers at times each customer had historically higher interactions, the email campaign would get a better engagement rate…This is a great example of an organization analyzing big data sets and segmenting appropriately to come out with major wins for their organization. Bravo!” -WhichTestWon, judges
Tools: Send Time Optimization

Send Time Optimization

Increase deliverability, open, click-thru and conversion rates by knowing the best time to send emails to each of your subscribers, individually.

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The AudiencePoint Global Data Pool uniquely identifies the subscribers that have a history of engagement and those that don’t.

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AudienceGraph API

Provides secure, developer-level access to the AudiencePoint data model. Audience-level data is aggregated, anonymized and secured, then made accessible through our robust, REST-based API.

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