Success Stories

We’ve helped companies across industries leverage their customer data for big wins. Here’s a few pictures of what those successes look like. 

Featured success

Dell and AudiencePoint win Global Awards by proving the impact of deploying emails at individual, personalized times based on a customer’s previous engagement behavior. By doing this, the team could judge a subscriber’s propensity to open or click at a particular time of day.

Automotive Manufacturer

A leading global automotive manufacturer and their agency were exploring if Send Time Optimization would have any impact on the engagement of their 4-Million-plus email subscribers. Here’s what happened.

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Online Footwear Retailer

A large online footwear retailer had a higher than average open rate, but only a modest click-through rate. With an already established promotional strategy, our client needed higher converting opens and click-throughs, as measured by revenue.

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Alternative Apparel

AudiencePoint worked with BKV, a direct marketing agency, to optimize a campaign for Alternative Apparel. The purpose was to leverage AudiencePoint’s technology to increase subscriber engagement.

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