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Success Stories


Dell and AudiencePoint win Global Awards by proving the impact of deploying emails at individual, personalized times based on a customer’s previous engagement behavior. By doing this, the team could judge a subscriber’s propensity to open or click at a particular time of day.

Automotive Manufacturer

A leading global manufacturer of automobiles increases email deliverability by more than 20% and unique opens for all campaigns at an average of 27% through AudiencePoint’s smart email throttling.

Benchmark Brands

Large online retailer experienced 20% increase in average sales and revenue through AudiencePoint Send Time Optimization tool.

Alternative Apparel & BKV

Online clothing retailer experienced 31% increase in open rates and 38% increase in click-thru rates through AudiencePoint’s Individualized Send Time Optimization.


The AudiencePoint Global Data Pool uniquely identifies the subscribers that have a history of engagement and those that don’t.

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Send Time Optimization

Increase deliverability, open, click-thru and conversion rates by knowing the best time to send emails to each of your subscribers, individually.

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AudienceGraph API

Provides secure, developer-level access to the AudiencePoint data model. Audience-level data is aggregated, anonymized and secured, then made accessible through our robust, REST-based API.

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