Success Stories

Online Footwear Retailer

“With AudiencePoint, we were able to see real results by not only targeting the right people, but by targeting them when they were online and ready to buy. We are seeing about a 20% lift in our average sale price and revenue metrics. AudiencePoint more than pays for itself.”

–Marketing Manager


A large online footwear retailer had a higher than average open rate, but only a modest click-through rate. Over time, the revenue from certain segments of their subscribers began to diminish, while the unsubscribe rate increased. With an already established promotional strategy, our client needed higher converting opens and click-throughs, as measured by revenue.


We introduced them to send-time optimization and AudiencePoint.

Their goal was to increase conversions while not impacting deliverability. To accomplish this, the customer elected to use AudiencePoint for our unique Send Time Optimization technology, a one-of- a-kind SaaS + data platform powered by 2B+ subscriber behavioral patterns. By spreading their campaigns over 72 hours, they ensured that more subscribers received emails, while protecting deliverability.


They saw results starting with their very first optimized campaign. Specifically, our client realized:

  • 20+% lift in average sale price and revenue
  • While maintaining a 99.9% deliverability rate
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