Better Email Insights. Better Customer Outcomes.

ListFit was built to give marketers an immediate revenue impact on their email marketing program. By leveraging the world’s First email marketing insights platform to:


  • Reactivate dormant subscribers thereby growing their active list
  • Predict which subscribers are most likely to buy from them
  • Identify Apple MPP opens to isolate them from their reporting

We are the only email marketing insights company that provides a multi-brand view of your customers’ inbox behaviors.


Trillion signals captured last year


Terabytes of stored consumer email behavior data


Coverage of Email Market in US


B2B and B2C data sources feeding pool

ListFit works with every email service provider, marketing automation platform, CRM, CDP, or any other place you store your email marketing data.
“ListFit gives us a picture of our list we’ve never seen before. It helped improve our re-engagement campaign in less than a month!”

– VP of E-commerce big box retailer

AudiencePoint is trusted by the world’s biggest senders and respected global brands

Re-engagement is Cheaper than Customer Acquisition.

Clients use ListFit to identify untapped revenue in their inactive file. Our engagement data provides a multi-brand view of your subscriber’s inbox habits so you can be surgical in your re-engagement approach by leveraging our email engagement marketing insights, you can deploy re-engagment campaigns responsibly and safely without risking poor inbox placement and deliverability issues.

“AudiencePoint committed to us that using ListFit would drastically change the results of our reactivation campaign and they delivered! Our conversions when using ListFit outpreformed any campaign we had done previously by 15X.”

– VP Email Operations, Large eCommerce Retailer

ListFit is the Email Marketer’s Multi-Tool

Reactivation is a very powerful and popular use case for ListFit, but it doesn’t stop there. Our clients are using ListFit to:
  • Cull Abandoned email addresses
  • Identify Apple MPP Opens
  • Increase average order value through better offer targeting
  • Improve customer acquisition by reducing the budget wasted on poor sources of data
  • Optimize send times to increase engagement across their entire email marketing