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Use this form to sign up before October 31, and score up to 1 million email addresses completely free. We’ll tell you which emails are engaging with other brands and which ones are not. We want to help grow your active file this holiday season, so you will need to run your analysis before November 11.

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ListFit is helping the world’s most respected brands have an immediate impact on their email program by leveraging our best-in-class data pool to reactivate dormant subscribers, define which subscribers are most likely to buy and the best time to message their most loyal customers. We are the only data intelligence company that can provide marketers a multi-brand view of their customers inbox behaviors for 90% of the US market

“ListFit gives us a picture of our list we’ve never seen before. It helped improve our re-engagement campaign in less than a month!”

VP of E-commerce, Big Box Retailer.

ListFit Turns Marketers into Surgeons. Very Good Surgeons.

Enterprise clients use ListFit to identify untapped revenue in their inactive file. Our engagement data provides a multi-brand view of a subscriber’s inbox habits so marketers can be surgical in their re-engagement approach. By leveraging our customer insights, marketers can responsibly and safely deploy re-engagement campaigns without risking deliverability issues. Marketers no longer need to hold their breath when they hit the send button wondering if they are going to hit a spam trap.

Data Intelligence that Delivers.

Customers using ListFit for reactivation are experiencing an increase of 25%-35% in open rates with a 10% conversion rate. Customers are turn to ListFit to ignite their reactivation campaigns with a tool that has proven a 10x ROI. Don’t believes us? We guarantee it.