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Automotive Manufacturer

Because AudiencePoint smart throttles your emails, automatic spam filters are less likely to be triggered by Internet Service Providers, increasing deliverability. #timing_matters


A leading global automotive manufacturer and their agency was exploring if Send Time Optimization would have any impact on the engagement of their 4-Million-plus email subscribers.


We conducted an A/B Split test; the list was selected and divided by their marketing agency—AudiencePoint had no input beyond analysis. The integration was fully automated. Our system reviewed the test group’s historical engagement data and built unique behavior profiles to optimize the campaign’s deployment times for each individual. Then, AudiencePoint triggered the email to be sent at each individual’s optimal time, ensuring that any given ISP would not receive all emails at once.


The manufacturer experienced:

  • Increase of 27.2% higher open rates
  • 48.6 % higher click-thru rates
  • 20.8% higher deliverability rates due to smart throttling of email
  • Smart throttling by avoiding hitting ISP’s in bulk, and being caught in spam filters
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