Success Stories Where Timing Mattered

They created. We delivered.

We’ve worked with some of the largest brands. And AudiencePoint continues to bring valuable, actionable insight into their email marketing. See a few samples of our work that showcase what we can do for your campaigns.
  • Daily Deals

    Daily deal company experiences 67% higher open rates and 47% increase in click-thru rates by leveraging Send Time Optimization...

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  • Northwest Entrepreneur Network

    Leading Startup and Entrepreneur Network  increases click-thru’s over 160% using AudiencePoint’s Send Time optimization, leading to an increase in...

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  • BKV/AlternativeApparel

    Online clothing retailer experienced 31% increase in open rates and 38% increase in click-thru rates through AudiencePoint’s Individualized Send...

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  • Dell

    Dell and AudiencePoint win Global Awards by proving the impact of deploying emails at individual, personalized times based on...

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  • Automotive Manufacturer

    A leading global manufacturer of automobiles increases email deliverability by more than 20% and unique opens for all campaigns...

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  • Benchmark Brands

    Large online retailer experienced 20% increase in average sales and revenue through AudiencePoint Send Time Optimization tool. They Needed...

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