Northwest Entrepreneur Network

Northwest Entrepreneur Network

Leading Startup and Entrepreneur Network  increases click-thru’s over 160% using AudiencePoint’s Send Time optimization, leading to an increase in member and subscriber engagement.

They Needed

Fueled by the energy and passion of its startup community, The Northwest Entrepreneur Network is the region’s hub for entrepreneurial resources. With those resources, come challenges. Marketers struggle to connect and engage their audience with the same oomph and effectiveness in each of their campaigns. NWEN decided to rely on AudiencePoint to increase their message reach.

We Provided

We were able to apply our proprietary algorithm to their email list and historically reference subscriber KPI data. This model allows us to predict, structure and schedule campaigns at the right time. By systematically increasing the likelihood of engagement from each subscriber through time-optimized deployments, NWEN was better able to share their great info with a community who wants to listen.

They Experienced

Here’s what they saw:

  • 28% increase in Opens
  • 160% increase in Clicks
  • 8% increase in unique subscriber engagement