Daily Deals

Daily Deals
Daily deal company experiences 67% higher open rates and 47% increase in click-thru rates by leveraging Send Time Optimization for 12 hour period.

They Needed

Daily deals are powerful tools for consumerism. Our client’s business is to serve locals with a multitude of offerings, categorically related to their interest and geography. Their primary outbound communication is through Email Marketing, and they needed to improve recipient responses. We introduced them to our service, AudiencePoint.

We Provided

Using our unique system, we asked our client to take the A/B Challenge, We wanted to take half of their list and ‘time-optimize’ the campaign deployment—the other half would maintain its deployment schedule. Each subscriber in our list would receive a daily deal email at his or her right time.

They Experienced

Across 3 cities, being Savannah, St. Augustine and Topeka, subscriber engagement increased with AudiencePoint in comparison to the control list. Our client saw:

  • 67% higher open rate
  • 46% higher click-through rate
  • more revenue
  • happier subscribers