Benchmark Brands

Benchmark Brands

Large online retailer experienced 20% increase in average sales and revenue through AudiencePoint Send Time Optimization tool.

They Needed

Benchmark Brands has a strong conversion audience from their readership. Over time, though, their segmented population started to diminish as the unsubscribe rate increased. With an already established promotional strategy, our client needed a lift in the quality of their opens and click-throughs measured by conversions. We introduced them to send-time optimization and AudiencePoint.

We Provided

With AudiencePoint’s proprietary algorithm, we took Benchmark down our testing funnel. By time-optimizing a 13% a/b population from their list, our system would deploy emails to subscribers on a prediction schedule to maximize Benchmark’s exposure when the subscribers were most likely to be online over a 72-hour period. We tested 3 separate campaigns.

They Experienced

  • Increase in average higher Unique open rates
  • 20% lift in average sale and revenue

By testing only 13% of their list population, these campaigns demonstrated an even greater need to send more emails through AudiencePoint, resulting in higher KPI performance over time.  #timing_matters

We Heard

“With AudiencePoint, we were able to see real results by not only targeting the right people, but by targeting them when they were online and ready to buy. We are seeing about a 20% lift in our Average Sale and Revenue metrics. AudiencePoint more than pays for itself.” –Nicole Owens, marketing