Individualized Deployment Times

Emails are sent when subscribers are predicted to interact with your content.

Start/Pause Scheduled Campaigns

Senders spread deployments over time. Start, stop and resume campaigns, mid-send.

Intelligent Throttling

AudiencePoint controls deliverability to an ISP through smart throttling.

Time Zone Independent

Emails are sent based on each subscriber’s unique time, no matter where they are in the world.

Improved Inbox Placement

Understanding the optimal time leads to better email placement in the inbox.

Real-time Campaign Management

Manage campaigns real-time based on changing hourly business conditions.

Higher Open Rate

Higher Open Rate

Subject lines and preheaders aren’t the only influencers for this metric and KPI. Timing matters when trying to communicate with your subscribers and get your message seen.

Higher Click Through Rate

Higher Click Through Rate

Our system analyzes click data at the subscriber level. These valuable insights are at the core of AudiencePoint’s algorithms to help this metric grow.

More Conversions

More Conversions

Sending when subscribers historically engage with your emails generates a larger pool who are exposed to your offering. Thus, yielding higher conversions and greater return.